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What is Coin Craze Event – Massive Coin Profit [How to Play]

Coin Craze Event

Coin Master introduces various events and during events, players can get lots of benefits. Coin Craze is also an event that helps players to get huge coin rewards. When the event starts, you get a notification also also shows the time countdown. On this event, you need to play more and earn additional coin benefits. It also comes with some visual changes for example, the Spin button turns to Gold.

It is another easy way to understand that the event is not live. However, you need to utilize the Gold Spin button to get extra coins from attacking, raiding, and spinning on a slot machine. Now, when the Coin Craze event ends, the button color returns to the red color. On this page, we going to discuss all about the Coin Craze event on the Coin Master game and how to use it. Let’s start.

What is Coin Craze?

It is an event where players can collect huge coin rewards on the game. Everywhere you get a 150% to 200% boost. During attack with a hammer, raid with Pig robber, and even spinning on Slot Machine. Also, it affects some visual changes such as the spin button turning into gold. So, once you see the spin button turn red to gold then you can get huge coin rewards.

How do you Get and Use the Coin Craze Event?

When the event is live, every player starts using the event automatically. You get a popup where it is mentioned for the event and get to see the time countdown below. However, during the event, you need to free spins for Coin Master and get full advantages. Because the coin bonuses also increase on the slot machine as well. So, as you spin more the slot machine, you earn more coins. Also, you should participate in different missions for more prizes.

Play Coin Craze and Get Highest Rewards as Possible

Basically, the Coin Craze event lasts for a very short period of time. For example, it can last for three to five minutes. So, players need to try to collect maximum coin rewards. Therefore, you can start completing different missions or use the slot machine. We recommend you spend more time on slot machines. Because it gives you the opportunity to raid and attack. Also, it gives more coins as well. However, to use the event most effectively, you also need to have sufficient spins. So, you should try the daily free spins rewards as well and play the event till the end.

Final Thoughts

During the Coin Craze event, your primary goal should be getting extra coins. Now, for spins, you can use our daily free spins reward links as well. We used to share lots of spins on a daily basis. It will remove the deficiency of spins definitely. Here we try to discuss all about the Coin Craze event on the Coin Master game. I hope you get all the answers. If you have any queries then comment down below. We answer you very soon. Lastly thanks for reading and coming to this site.

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