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What is the Magical Trail Event | How to Use [Full Guide]

Magical Trail Event

Coin Master used to release lots of events and Magic Trail Event is one of them. In November 2023 the event is introduced for the first time and players can get access globally. Now, to play this event effectively, you definitely need to know about it in detail.

So, here we going to discuss all about the Coin Master Magic Trail Event and How to Play. If you want to get the full guide then you are on the right page. Because you get all the basic as well as advanced information about this event.

What is the Magical Trail Event in Coin Master?

It is an event where players need to explore a mystical forest and use all the opportunities to get rewards. In the land, it is filled with lots of tiles, and players jump on it and move to the next. During this event, users get huge prizes and rewards such as spins, coins, XP, etc. By spinning the wheels, players move to the next tiles and get the prizes.

How to Play

Before playing the Magical Trail Event, you need to make sure you have sufficient energy or tokens. Those energies can be found in other events through rewards. If you don’t have then purchase it and play the event.

  • To enter you need to tap on the badge on right-side.
  • Make sure you have the Energy to spin the Wheel. We already mentioned how you get the Energy.
  • Once you enter the forest, just tap on the “Go” button to spin the wheel. It will land the Piggy Pointer on the tiles based on the number you have from the wheel.
  • Then as the tiles keep rewards, you get it immediately.
  • Now, keep spinning the wheel fill the progress bar from the right side, and complete different missions.

There are three main items available and you need to understand them for better use in the event.

  1. Spinning Wheel
  2. Tiles Track
  3. Trail Treasure Box Map

Spinning Wheel

The wheel is the main item or element and you get to see it on the below screen. It contains lots of numbers such as 1 to 250. Players need to tap on the “GO” button. Then Piggy Pointer moves forward based on the number wheel shows. Now, there are different moves available as a bonus such as Double Move and Mega Move. Also, you get more bonuses like “bounce 5x” and it gives an opportunity to spin the wheel five times. Use all those advantages and try to get more rewards.

Tiles Track on Forest

Tiles are the main playing area where players need to focus on. Here the Piggy Pointer moves forward based on the number from the Wheel. Here all tiles contain different rewards and it is mentioned also. For example, spins, coins, gems, XP, treasure box, etc. Also, you get double points where Piggy Pointer moves the steps and again it moves towards the same number. For example, you get 10 points on the Wheel and on the Tile containing double pints. Now, you move forward 10 steps and again 10 steps.

Not all tiles give you the rewards and it is not even mentioned yet. So, you only get the reward that the tile mentions the prizes and you need to stop exactly on the tile. For example, you get 5 numbers on the wheel and the 4th tile contains 100 Spins. So, you never get that 100 Spins because you can’t stay on the 4th tile. Here we recommend you use again the wheel and tap on the “Go” button to get the next rewards.

Trail Treasure Box Map

The Trail Treasure Box is placed on the right side and it provides huge rewards. You need to complete various missions and claim unlimited rewards such as 1000 Spins, Treasure Box, Millions of Coins, and more. It can offer the highest rewards and most exciting prizes. So, definitely use it and collect huge prizes.

When Do You Get All the Rewards and Prizes in the Game?

When the Magical Trail Event ends, you get all the rewards and prizes in the game. This event lasts for five days and you can only play this event for five days. So, we recommend you to utilize it at maximum. When it ends, you can claim the rewards and use them in the game.

Final Thoughts

On this page, we discuss everything about the Magical Trail Events in the Coin Master game. How you can play and get rewards like free spins and coins, treasure box, XP, gems, and more. I hope you understand and play the event successfully. If you have any questions then comment on us. We reply to you and answer you in detail. Also, if you think this post is helpful then kindly share it with your friends. Lastly thanks for reading and coming to this site.

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