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How to Use Pets in Coin Master [Get Pet Foods Free]

Use Pets in Coin Master

Pets are very important and they play a major role in the Coin Master game. So, if you want to play a game professionally then you definitely need to use Pets effectively. It is pretty helpful to use Pet during the attack with Hammer and Raid opponent base. Mainly there are three Pets are available which are Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. You can select one pet at once. You can definitely change anytime you want but you can’t use two or more Pets at once.

For the first-time installation, you never get any Pet unlocked. You have to complete the fourth level which is the Inca village and then the first pet will unlock. Before that, you couldn’t use Pet anymore.

I assume that you have already unlocked at least one Pet now. If not then don’t worry, just play the game and unlock Inca Village. Then you are able to get Foxy Pet. Now, the question is how to use Pet and what are the advantages.

What are Pets in Coin Master?

Pets are companions or partners in the game and it help in different aspects. For example, big attacks, get large raid rewards, protect villages from attacks, etc. Different pet has different abilities. Now, you need to decide which ability or help you need most. You can also check anytime you want. But you can’t get a pet before reaching the Inca village. After completing this village upgrade, you get the first Pet.

How to Use Pets in Coin Master

It is not so hard to use Pets in Coin Master. The main thing is to unlock the Pet to use. Once you unlock at least one Pet then you can easily use them.

First, you need to go to the Pet section and then below the Pet image, you get a Select button. You need to tap on the button. Then the pet is ready for use in the game.

But you need to make sure that, every time you can’t use Pet even if you already selected. Because Pet needs food to work. If you can’t provide food then they go to sleep and you do not get any benefits.

The game provides free pet food on a daily basis but it one available for four hours. Once the time is over, it will sleep. Now, you need to purchase or find tasty food for your pet to play with.

How can I access all Pets or Where can I find them?

If you already reach the 4th level then you get access to one pet. So, you need to get a Spin button on the left screen. Here you can see one of the Pets and tap on it. Now, you come to the Pet section where you get to see your Pets as well as some information about Pet Food, Pet XP, etc.

Ability and Advantages of Pets

You may know that different Pets come with different abilities and advantages. So, you need to know to get more benefits from them. Here we going to discuss everything about Pets.

1) Foxy

Foxy is the first Pet that every gamer gets when reach the fourth level. It helps you to get the highest coin rewards when you raid your opponent’s village. Normally, when you start the raid, you get four cross signs to tap. Now, three of them contain coins but one of them has no coin. Here if you use Foxy, then you get coins of all of them and even get more coin rewards.

2) Tiger

Tiger Pet helps earn more coins during the hammer attack. When you start attacking using Hammer, sometimes you fail for the Shields. In this situation, you get no coins. But if you use Tiger Pet then even the opponent village has Shields but still, you get lots of coin rewards. So, for the Hammer attack, Tiger is very useful and beneficial.

3) Rhino

If you unlock Rhino Pet then your village will protected from any opponent attack. So, no one damages your village even if you have no shields. It works as an alternative to Shield. So, if you want to protect your village from attack then Rhino is the best and single option. Use it and enjoy protecting your base.

Final Thoughts

Here we discuss how players can use Pets in the Coin Master game and what is Pet Food. Also, we discuss different pet names and their ability, advantages, and benefits. Hopefully, you get all the information and understand the post. If you have any questions then comment down below. We answer in reply as soon as possible. Lastly thanks for reading and visiting this site.

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