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Viking Quest – Coin Master – How to Play [Complete Guide]

Viking Quest in Coin Master

Viking Quest is a type of event similar to the Snow Quest, Desert Quest, and Tribal Quest. But of all the Quest, the Viking Quest is the most profitable and popular. So, if you used to play Coin Master then you should participate in this event. Because it gives huge rewards and bonuses. When you enter this event, you get a different spin wheel and it requires the Coins only. Normally Spin Wheel needs Spin to play but Viking Quest Spin Wheel works with the Coin. So, before entering this event, make sure you have sufficient Coins in your inventory.

In this post, we going to talk about the advantages of Viking Quest, how you can play effectively, and the types. So, if you want to play this quest then you should read this article. Because it can help you play this event and get the maximum rewards. So, let’s start.

Introduction of Viking Quest in Coin Master

Viking Quest is an event or you can say a mini-game inside the Coin Master game. Players can play this game with a new Spin Wheel using the Coins. It does not support the usual spins for the Slot Machine. So, you need to have sufficient coins to complete all the missions. Now, the game provides a reward map where you can get the direction of the mission map. There are 10 different missions available and each contains huge rewards.

Now, to access this map, tap on the rewards icon on the bottom right corner of your phone screen. Then you get to see the mission as well as the rewards map. Make sure the initial mission is quite easy and the last mission is the most difficult to complete. Similarly, the rewards also increase when you complete the missions one by one. Now, when you complete the last mission, you will get the Gold Cards as the best prize.

Different Types and Variants of Viking Quest

There are three types and variants of Viking Quest available. Before playing, you need to choose the level. You can choose any level such as easy, normal, or hard. It is also mentioned as Small, Medium, and Huge. If you choose the basic level then you get few rewards. Also, it needs the minimum number of coins to play and the missions are also easy to complete. But the hard level needs the maximum coins as well and the missions are pretty hard.

  1. Small: It is the basic level and you only get Spins, XP, and a Magical Quest as a reward. Similarly, it requires a minimum of coins to spin the wheel and complete the missions.
  2. Medium: It is the 2nd level where you can get one Gold Card, Spins, XP, and Rear Card. Its missions are quite easy compared to the final level. Also, it needs a few coins to play.
  3. Huge: It is the last level where players can get the highest rewards such as 2 Gold Cards, Spins, 3 Chests, and Rear Card. Also, it needs a maximum of coins, and the missions are quite hard.

How to Play

To play the Viking Quest, you need to enter the Quest by clicking on the event icon. Then you can see the Slot Machine visual changes and the below Spin button also becomes blue color. Now, you are in the Viking Quest event to play. You can start using the Slot Machine with the coins and complete the missions. There is a Mission and Rewrd map also available. So, players can track the mission as well as the rewards. The initial missions are easy to complete and contain few rewards. But when you complete the hard or complicated missions then you get the maximum and huge rewards.

But you need to have the excellent strategy and skills to play. Because you need to focus on reducing the coin spends. So, use a good strategy to reduce the use of coins and complete the missions on your phone.

Missions and Rewards

Viking Quest is very profitable for getting the rewards because it comes with lots of prizes, bonuses, and rewards. So, players need to use the Viking Spinner and complete the missions to get huge spins, coins, XP, Gold Cards, and various chests.

Now, there are two types of missions available on this quest. One is a Regular Mission and the second is a Bonus Wheel Mission.

In the Regular Mission, players can get a few coins, and its missions are also easy to complete. So, if you are a beginner in this game, then you can start with the regular missions.

In the Bonus Wheel Mission, players can get a huge number of coins by using the three bonus wheel icons in a row. Its missions are also pretty hard to complete and you need a few skills and understanding.

[Note: The Coins you earn from this Viking Quest event are fully Raid Protected for the next three minutes. So, you can spend the coins as soon as possible.]

Final Thoughts

In this detailed post, we discuss the complete guide to Viking Quest and how to play. Also, you get to know the missions and the rewards of this event. I hope you understand about this event and earn the highest rewards. If you like the page then share the page with your friends. Also, if you have any queries or doubts on your mind then comment below. We reply to you as soon as possible. Lastly thanks for reading and visiting this site.

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