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Coin Master All Tips & Tricks [Detailed Guide | All Items]

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for the best casual mobile game then Coin Master can be the first one. It becomes very popular with very little time for its immersive features and gameplay experience. Moon Active is the developer and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. As you can see, the game is mainly for Mobile users but you can play Coin Master on PC by following a few steps.

The features and gameplay attract more people daily and gamers all over the world play activity. Now, if you also want to start playing this game then you need to know what is Coin Master and some tips and tricks. So, here we going to discuss all the items in the game and how the gameplay works. So, let’s start.

Introduction of Coin Master

It is a casual mobile video game and does not require advanced skills to play. The developer make the game for all ages users because to understand and play not requires lots of skills and ability. Any beginner can start playing the game anywhere. There are mainly two items available: Slot Machine and Village. Players need to use the Slot Machine to collect lots of coins and build the village. During upgrading all items, you need to have lots of coins. Now, inside these two items, you can find lots of elements, and players need to know about them.

Essential Items on the Game

As we mentioned already there are main two items available. One is the Slot Machine and the second is the Village. Let’s discuss each element in detail.

Slot Machine

The Slot Machine is the main screen where players spend most of their time. You need to spin the wheel and match three symbols to get the reward. So, the slot machine contains a few symbols such as Shield, Hammer, Pig Robber, Energy Capsules, Coins, and Coin Pouches. There are three columns available and you need to match three same symbols in a row. Then you get the prizes or some other tasks like raid and attack. Now, not all symbols are required to match on the row to get the prizes. And the big example is Coins and Coin Pouches.

So, if you get one coin symbol then you get a few rewards, if two symbols match then get some more, and for the highest rewards, you need to match three coin symbols in a row. The same applies to Coin Pouches. However other symbols are required to match three symbols for a reward or task.

  1. Hammer: In the slot machine, if you get three hammer symbols in a row then Coin Master gives you an opportunity to attack someone’s base. So, once you get there the game takes you to a new village and shows a pointer on the element. You need to tap any of them to perform the attack. If the village does not have a shield or Rhino Pet then your attack will be successful. Now, as a reward, you get lots of coins.
  2. Pig Robber: Pig robber is the main opportunity to get the maximum number of coins. When you get three pig faces in one row then the game takes you to someone’s village. Then it shows four marks and three marks contain coins and one of them has no coin. Now, it depends on your luck whether you get coins from three marks or not. If you get the coins from three marks then the game notifies you for a perfect raid. In this way, you get the maximum coin rewards. Another way to make the raid more profitable is to use Foxy Pet. It helps you to make the perfect raid most of the time.
  3. Shield: It is a very important item or element to protect your village from someone’s attack. For instance, you attack with a hammer on someone’s village. Similarly, players also attack your village to get coins. So, it is pretty important to protect your village elements. here Shield comes into play. If you have a Shield then the Shield is only broken and the village will be safe from the attack. Also, make sure, you get keep a maximum of three shields at a time.
  4. Coin: As the name suggests, this item gives you a few coin rewards. For this symbol, it is not necessary to match three symbols in a row. If you get one coin then you definitely get some rewards. Use all those virtual coins to build villages and upgrade them.
  5. Energy Capsules: You can find blue color capsules available on the slot machine and it is the sign of Spins. If you match three energy capsules in a row then you get a few spins for the Slot Machine. Now, if you want more Free Spins then use daily reward links.
  6. Coin Pouches: This item is also used for getting coins to build and upgrade the village. Coin symbols offer few coins but Coin Pouches offers lots of coins. So, compared to Coin and Coin Pouches, both work in the same way, but Coin Pouches provide extra coin rewards.


You need to swipe up to access your village. Here you get four main elements and it requires an upgrade to reach the next level. Each upgrade needs lots of coins. If you don’t have coins then you can’t upgrade them. Players need to update five times for each village item. Once you complete then the next level will unlock and you are able to use the new map.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

As you can see, using the Slot Machine is the main thing. Because you need to collect lots of virtual coins to build a village. Also, the Slot Machine needs Spins to play. Without Spins, you can’t use the Slot Machine. So, there are some tips and tricks available that you can follow to get more spins and coins easily.

1. Make a Card Collection

Care Collection is a very important task to do. It would be best if you had Chests to collect cards and each collection contains 9 cards. To get maximum advantage, you need to collect the same 9 cards. Once you collect the cards, you get huge bonuses, rewards, pet foods, XP, and more.

2. Connect Facebook to Get Rewards

When you start playing the game, you need to sign up with Facebook. So, you definitely need to have a Facebook account to play. So, you need to connect to Facebook. Now, Coin Master gives different activities for rewards and prizes. For example, send invite links, gifts to other players, and a lot more. Each task offers additional spins. So, don’t miss the chance to get the free spin reward.

3. Send Invite Link to Friends

If you have lots of friends on Facebook then you can generate an invite link and send them to join. If your friend joins the game through your invite link then you get 50 Spins and even 100 Spins.

4. Watch Video Ad

The rewarded video ad can help you to get some spins for free. On the right side and below the slot machine, you find the option. You need to tap on it and watch a video ad. Once the ad is complete, you need to close it and get a few spin rewards.

5. Daily Bonus

Daily Bonus can give you a huge coin reward. It appears after 24 Hours and below the Slot Machine you get the wheel icon. Tap on it and Spin the wheel. Now, the Wheel contains various numbers of Coins such as 500K, 1 million, 5 million, and even 20 million coins. Players need to spin the wheel and the available coin will get immediately.

6. Get Spins from Friends

If you have friends on Facebook then you are able to send gifts on the game. There is a dedicated option available for sending gifts. So, you can send 10 Spins and 1 Million Coins. Now, in return, you get the rewards as well. So, it is a win-win situation for both players.

7. Participate in Events and Collect Huge Rewards

Coin Master used to release different events frequently. For example, Magical Trail Event. During event, you need to participate in them and complete tasks to collect huge rewards. You can get huge coins, spins, XP, and more from the event.

8. Purchase Coins and Spins

Not every time you get the free opportunity to get the Spins and Coins. Here the game offer for purchasing Spins and Coins with real money. It is an In-app Purchase and it completely depends on you either you want to buy the reward or go with the free options only.

9. Don’t keep Huge Coins

When you get the Coins reward then it is stored in your village treasury and it is used for building the village. Now, when an opponent player attacks your village then you lose huge coins. Because as much as you store coins, the player raids more coins from your base. So, try to spend the coins by upgrading the village and moving to the next level.

10. Claim Hourly Spins

The game offers an Hourly reward option where players can get a few Spins. But you need to spend lots of time to play the game. Then you get this bonus.

11. Use Pets

During attacks and raids, Pets are really helpful. There are three Pets available Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. Foxy can help you during a raid on any village. Normally, you can use three marks to get coins and Foxy gives you another option to get coins. Also, Tiger can help you during a hammer attack where if the village has a Shield even you get few rewards. Lastly, Rhino is used as an alternative to Sheild. Now, you need to provide Pet Food to live. Because after four hours Pets go to sleep and you need to provide them with Pet Food.

12. Don’t Leave Your Village If Already Upgrade Three or Four Times

If you already upgraded your village more than three or four times then we recommend you don’t leave before completing them. If you have sufficient Sheild or Rhino Pet then it will be fine. But if you don’t have then you may face a huge loss for attack. Other players attack your village and collect lots of coins. Now, you need to repair the elements as well and it takes huge coins.

Final Thoughts

On this page, we share all the tips and tricks of the Coin Master game. We also discuss all the items and how they work on the game. I hope you like the post and if yes then kindly share it with your friends. Also, let us know which tips and tricks you use most. Now, if you have any queries then comment below. We answer you as soon as possible. Lastly thanks for reading and coming to this site.

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