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How to Become Coin Master VIP Member – Get VIP Account

Coin Master VIP Member

Coin Master is a well-known strategy video game for mobile devices. It comes with lots of unique features and players can use them for free. But if you want to get Coin Master VIP Account then you need to pay for them. If you have the VIP Account then you become the VIP Member and get the VIP tag as well. It never reset from your account.

Normally Coin Master provides all the essential options such as free spins, events, levels, card collection, etc. But if you become a VIP Member then you get some extra advantages. For example, you get more rewards, spins, coins, pet food, XP, rear cards, etc.

Here you going to learn all about how to become a Coin Master VIP Member or get a VIP Account. Also, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of VIP Accounts in the game. So, let’s start.

Introduction of Coin Master VIP Account

The VIP Account allows users to access all premium access on the Coin Master game. It is for those gamers who complete the purchase and have a VIP tag on their account. Now, gamers can access some extra features and get huge rewards.

Compared to the free account, you get a VIP and a premium tag. Now, when you get the premium tag, you are able to get lots of prizes, rewards, bonuses, and also an account manager guide to become Coin Master. You can ask any of the queries and get the proper guidance.

How to Become Coin Master VIP Member?

As we mentioned earlier, the Coin Master VIP Account is not for all players. It means you can’t even purchase the VIP account today. This is because Coin Master chooses the users and offers to become the VIP Member. Now, you have a question about how this process works. right? Well, if you used to purchase different items on the game such as Spins, Coins, and various Chests then Coin Master sends an offer to be a VIP Member. Then you are able to purchase for the VIP Account.


A VIP Account contains lots of features and you get a premium tag on your account as well. Now, you can show off your friends and get huge bonuses like Spins, Coins, Pet Food, XP, rear cards, Gold Cards, events, etc. The best advantage is you get an account manager and he/she assists or guides you on your entire journey. Also, the premium ID is not removed and you get it permanently.


The main disadvantage of a VIP account is to get access to it. Because you need to purchase lots of items on the game with your money and then you get the offer to become a VIP member. Also, you need to pay lots of real money for this premium account. During these steps of getting a VIP Account, you need to send lots of money. But once you get a VIP Account, then you only get the huge advantages of it.

Additional Benefits of Coin Master VIP Member

You can get countless benefits from a Coin Master VIP Account. Once you have that, you become a premium user and the game gives access to the entire features. Here we mentioned a few benefits of VIP members.

Use Extra Advantage on Various Events

Coin Master introduces different events frequently such as Golden Pass Event, Magical Trail Event, Coin Craze Event, etc. During that event, normal players get 2x rewards and prizes. Now, if you are a VIP Member then you have extra benefits from those events. With the same efforts, you can earn more rewards and prizes easily.

Get Maximum Spins and Coins with Ease

You may already know that Spins and Coins are very essential items to play this game. Without Spins, players can’t use Slot Machines and without Coins, players can’t build villages. I know there are some ways available to get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins, but somewhere it is not enough for us.

That’s the reason, some players used to purchase Spins and Coins for use. But if you are already a VIP Member then you can earn Spins and Coins easily. So, use those Spins and Coins to build the village and upgrade the elements quickly.

Assist Account Manager

During gameplay, we face various issues and sometimes we do not understand something. Here Account Manager comes into play. He or She can assist or guide you in every moment. It is pretty helpful for playing the game and becoming the Coin Master quickly.

Access Official VIP Group

You can get access to the official Moon Active group if you have a VIP Account. Here you get all the exclusive information and you can also join discussions as well.

Can I get an offer to be a VIP Member without spending money?

It is pretty rare to get invitations to a player for VIP Member. But Yes, you may get the offer to become a VIP player even without purchasing any items. It depends on the Moon Active like how they select you.

Coin Master VIP Account expire or not?

The short answer is No, it doesn’t expire. Once you get the tag, you can use it forever.

Can I cancel the VIP Membership?

The answer is No, you can’t cancel the VIP membership once you have.

Final Thoughts

Today, we discuss the full guide to becoming a VIP Member of the Coin Master game. Also, we discuss all the advantages and benefits as well. I hope you understand and are able to decide whether you need to or not. If you like the page then share it with your friends. Also, comment below if you have any doubts or questions. Lastly thanks for reading and visiting this site.

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